Thursday, May 03, 2007

Grilling the "catch of the day"!

My friend and colleague, Ben went on a fishing trip recently and was nice enough to share the spoils with us co-workers. Having three days of vacation booked this week and the weather taking a turn for the better I decided to, for the first time, cook fish on our grill.

Not a major milestone for many but, seeing as I've never attempted it and the Walleye turned out rather great, I thought share the recipe. First off I've never eaten Walleye (or heard of it) until I'd arrived in the USA. So a little Internet searching by Julie turned up quite a few cooking tips for this fish but all were along the same lines of frying, beer and batter. Not that I'm adverse to any of those, but it was sunny and I had a hankering to grill. A little more digging found this Blackened Walleye recipe from "rivereye" (scroll down the page).

Walleye fillet on the grill

I substituted Chili Powder for the Cayenne Pepper and the result was a white fish fillet with a nice kick. Even my son tried some, though he made his lips tingle.

Clean up was a bit labor intensive but I'm definitely going to try some more fish on the grill this Summer.